Guidance for the planning of natural gas facilities

When planning gas facilities our highly qualified staff is available to you. An accurate planning and the abidance of the required standards are the base of a trouble-free and economic operation of every gas facility.

Troubleshooting at heaters and boilers

If there are any troubles concerning your gas plant, do not hesitate to contact us. Either we solve the problem right away on the telephone or we will head to you as fast as possible to correct the failure for free if it is within the scope of Energie Graz.

Debugging & standby service:  Tel: 0316 / 8057-0

Check of facilities

Each newly constructed or modified gas facility has to be checked by authorized persons. Also in this case Energie Graz is a competent partner.

Flat rates for services of Energie Graz, natural gas are valid since 1. 01. 2013


Flat rates 2013 (31.9 KB)


During the planning, calculation, financing and building of natural gas facilities, you are attended by our subsidiary company 
  WDS Wärmedirektservice

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